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February 19, 2019 4 min read


Good things come to those who wait… Although we have been working non-stop on making the Bajinn dream come true for almost 4 years, waiting has played a big part in this journey. We've waited… And now, after completing a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the time of Bajinn has finally come (although there's just a bit more waiting to do).
Bajinn is not just an instrument. It's a world of values that are shared by so many of us. It's a sound with a vision. Therefore we are even more proud of the Bajinn community, that was formed naturally by those who encountered Bajinn on(and off)line, and of the fact that this community is growing with every day that passes. We promise to do everything we can in order to keep it alive and kicking.

bajinn.com is the new home of Bajinn. We will conduct a weekly blog, post articles, share moments, opinions, knowledge and much more.

I'll start with a story… The story of how we got to this moment… the name Bajinn was not the first name that was chosen for this new instrument. at the end of this post I'll share the original name that I came up with and you can be the judge whether we made a good choice.

I've been crafting musical instruments in my workshop for more than 20 years, and on October 2015 an Idea came to my mind. As a musician and craftsman, sure, it wasn't the only idea that I thought about during those two decades, but nothing really took me over like this Idea. It felt like a solution that can help a lot of people - An instrument that will be so simple to play, its sounds will have a meditative effect, it will be light, made from ecofriendly materials and unlike most meditative instruments that exist today, will have the option to change musical scales and even single notes. I had to make it happen!

Ortal at his workshop

Being busy with making handpans and didgeridoos, having to support my expanding family, gave me almost no time at all to work on this new instrument, but I managed to find the time and made the first prototype. It was a very special moment for me, the sound was mesmerizing and just seemed to last forever. It felt like a dream… It felt… Magical! I enjoyed the magic for a few days and began contemplating how I can make this dream a reality. Unfortunately, with no extra time, and with no available resources, I had to go back to work and complete orders of different instruments for my clients. The dream will need to wait a bit longer.

One day I received a phone call… "Hey, My name is Ido, I would like to buy a Pantam, do you happen to have one available sale?" Luckily (let's call it fate, as usually people need to wait months in order to have their handpan ready) I did. Ido came to my workshop to complete his purchase, and while he was there we started talking… About life… About music… Obviously (and without any intentions) my idea came up in our conversation. Ido had told me he is a former musician and currently a businessman. He said he would love to help and make the next prototype, no strings attached, he just felt he needs to be part of the making of a new, meditative musical instrument. I was so happy and thankful!

In short, from that point, everything changed. Ido and I became partners, built a company called Soundfreq Ltd. and decided to make this instrument a reality, bring it to life!
The journey wasn't easy. At many points along the way, things didn’t quite work out the way we planned, whether I refer to the business side of our company, or the manufacturing process. You see, Bajinn is constructed from 18 different parts (including carrying bag), each part of the Bajinn had to be designed from scratch and manufactured (over and over again) for testing. We tried many different designs, many different materials, and without compromising quality, it just looked sometimes as if it's not going to work out the way we intended it to be. I can say that the thing that kept us persistent and motivated was the feedback we have been getting constantly from anyone who laid eyes and ears on Bajinn and the sounds it produced. We saw the relaxing effect after just a few minutes of playing or just listening to its sounds, and we knew we can't stop until we make this meditative and musical experience available for all.

So here we are… The crowdfunding campaign is over, orders keep coming with each day that passes, we have a new website, the community is growing… Bajinn is finally here!

Oh, and about the name… Back then, temporarily, I called it "Tartube" which is a combination of the word "Tar" which means string in old Persian, and the word tube. After a brainstorming session with our team, the name "Bajinn" was chosen - inspired by the word BAJIN in Japanese (kantaka) which means "virgin", the "nn" extension came up as an expression of the long-lasting sound- Bajinnnnnnnn.

What do you think? Did you like the story? want to know more? Which name did you like best? Leave us a comment and let us know!

See you in the next post!

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