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Our Story

Bajinn is a new mindful musical instrument

Bajinn was envisioned in 2016 by Ortal Pelleg, a musician who is one of the few craftsmen of Hand Pan in the world. Ortal wanted to create an instrument of his own, one that would be accessible, affordable, and would  enable its listeners to transcend instantaneously into a higher mode of consciousness.

It is a beautiful combination between an acoustic shell, crafted from bamboo, and aluminum tubes, suspended in the air by strings.
Fused by ancient knowledge and contemporary craftsmanship, Bajinn produces a refreshingly unique sound, with a long acoustic decay time of up to 45 seconds in average.

In the spring of 2018 Bajinn was ready for production and the team has set sails to find the right manufacturers for each and every part. The production process consists of 3 parts: hand crafting the bamboo bowls, attaching the aluminium frame and finally assembling all other parts together.  

Bajinn was launched in an Indiegogo campaign on October 2018, offering an opportunity to own one of the first Bajinns ever made and be part of musical history in the making. The campaign shattered Indiegogo funding goal in less than 24 hours, and by December 2018 the campaign was more than 550% funded.


Bajinn is much more than just a musical instrument. The sounds Bajinn produces are played at a frequency that is known to create a calm, stress-free environment. It enhances any teaching and practicing of different self-healing and improvement methods such as Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga sessions.
It provides an immediate and effortless way to experience deep relaxation and helps to elevate our minds to higher state of consciousness.
Whether practicing in a group, or individually, Bajinn has the ability to help you connect with yourself, and bring you back to being present in the moment.



As a new musical instrument, Bajinn is paradise for musicians and artists. It is a virgin soil waiting to be discovered. A natural addition that opens new opportunities for any kind of music.
Bajinn is surprisingly light for its size, and can be carried anywhere. So if you're on the road, you're all set! All you gotta do is take it out of the carrying case... and play! No electricity, no cables... Just play.


We are all aware of the noise and distractions that surround us in almost any aspect and second of our lives.
Bajinn contributes to a better environment. By using its unique and soothing sound, it can help so many of us, children and adults alike, to focus our minds, enter a much more attentive state and learn better.
Children with special needs also found Bajinn to be an easy and inviting experience, and were so happy to play it and listen to the music and sounds it produces.


Many of us live and work in stressful environments. This stress takes its toll and damages our well-being. Bajinn was designed to add balance to our lives. Just a few minutes of playing Bajinn every day can be an excellent way to relax and release tension.