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Ortal listening to Bajinn

Making Meditative Sounds

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What is the Bajinn??

The Bajinn is a new mindful musical instrument,It is a beautiful combination of an acoustic shell, crafted from bamboo, and aluminum tubes, suspended in the air by strings.

Bajinn was envisioned in 2016 by Ortal Pelleg, a musician who is one of the few craftsmen of Hand Pan in the world. Ortal wanted to create an instrument of his own, one that would be accessible, affordable, and would enable its listeners to transcend instantaneously into a higher mode of consciousness.

Our instrument gives easy access to creating music to everyone. Both, beginners and professionals Bajinn is much more than just a musical instrument. The sounds it produces are played at a frequency that is known to create a calm, stress-free environment. It enhances any teaching and practicing of different self-healing and improvement methods such as Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga sessions. It provides an immediate and effortless way to experience deep relaxation and helps to elevate our minds to a higher state of consciousness. Whether practicing in a group, or individually, Bajinn has the ability to help you connect with yourself, and bring you back to being present in the moment.

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Hot from the oven

bajinn played next to water with tatto on right hand

Sound and Nature

by Ortal Pelleg August 16, 2022

Everything has a rhythm,nature is no different,in fact, it is the source of of our inspiration
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Sound And Meditation

by Ortal Pelleg May 22, 2022

Ever heard about the science of cymtics? find out more how sound effect your body
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ortal surfing

Surfing The Waves Of Sound

by Ortal Pelleg August 25, 2019

Wondering what does sound have to do with surfing, well our beloved Ortal went to explore nature and presented interesting facts
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designing the bajinn

Work In Progress!

by Ortal Pelleg May 14, 2019

Making a baking is a process. here is some history of our progress
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