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If you have just discovered the world of Bajinn, you probably want to ask us something. Here are the answers for the most frequently asked questions.

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Yes! Currently we offer 4 different scales. After making the purchase, before your Bajinn will be shipped to you, we will ask you which scale do you prefer. Moreover, you have an option to purchase more sets as an add-on, which will allow you to change easily between sets, and even create your own scales.

There is no recommended scale for beginners, the best is to listen to the scales and what you enjoy listening to the most is your scale, anyway you can always change the tubes and create other scales to experiment with and enjoy. we do offer the most basic scale which is C major, which is the C to C (DO RE MI) so if you are more attracted create specific melodies C major can work for you.

There's no top or bottom and it all comes down to which sound you like the most. Firstly we suggest Listening to each scale , and if you're still having trouble choosing, just contact us. We'll gladly help you! (Missing button)

Custom options are not available at the moment as we don't want to take risks and conduct unpredictable experiments. Every scale we offer is carefully selected and tuned in the way to make it sound as good as possible.

The "Bajinn" is very well packed in a designed box and we had no issues and all Bajinns arrived safe and sound to their owners

Bajinn is very durable and taking care of the Bajinn is very simple, every once in a while tighten the strings but not too hard, you can clean it from dust with a dry cloth, Here is a quick how to video guide (Missing button)

Yes! Bajinn will get to anywhere in the world.

Bajinn comes with a 12 months limited warranty.Click to learn the fine prints (Missing button)

Each country has its own tax regulation, we advise that you check yours. Customers are responsible for payment of local taxes, customs & fees, if any.

If you need to change your address after making the purchase, please contact our support team at Support@bajinn.com

We sent you the tracking number, you can use it here and check delivery status (Missing button)

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We have some tunings available for immediate shipping. Other ones will take about 2-4 weeks after the payment.

Yes, you can become our partner. Please contact us via Nevo@bajinn.com, to discuss the details.

for the moment we accept all type of credit cards. but if you need to be creative please content nevo@bajinn.com for bank wire or PayPal transfer

No for the time being. however if its a special case please contact us via live chat or email Nevo@bajinn.com  and will find way!