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May 14, 2019 2 min read

building the bajinn

Some good news regarding manufacturing: these days we are setting up the assembly line and almost all of the Bajinn parts have been manufactured and shipped to us, even all of the Bajinn bags have arrived.

a stack of bajinn premium bags

So, soon we will be able to complete this first step, and we plan for it to be a very positive one.

We are happy to tell you that in the last few months, the Bajinn has been played in our monthly musical meditation and the feedback is heartwarming and inspiring.

"I’m overloaded with music and sounds and beautiful emotions…"

Another activity we took part in is volunteering in a mental disorder hospital (closed ward). Playing with people that faced very challenging lives. It has been a very special experience and seeing the smiles and joy on their faces while playing the Bajinn was so moving and made us realize once again the Bajinn sound can really help people all over the world. We are now working on setting up a group, voluntarily,  in order to research the long/short term effects on their state of mind and general stress levels.

Another special event was a collaboration with Wim Hof method workshop. We got some amazing feedback and the music really helped during the breathing session. If you don't know the Method we recommend checking it out. Here is a link to some moments from the workshop.


The interest and support we see in Bajinn is making us do our best and look into the future with open hearts and minds to encourage a global meditative impact!  


Ortal & the Bajinn Team


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