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A magical alliance forms as Bajinn Sound echoes through the universe, uniting artists, musicians, practitioners, and all kinds of magic beans! A place for sharing our thoughts, videos, ideas, and events. Let's make the world a better place together


Estas Tonne Improvising on the Bajinn

We had the honor to have this talented musician play our instrument and film he's created,we wanted to share with the world for you to see the option of different sounds it can produce.

AsaChan Handpan & Bajinn Groove

Special magic occurs when the handpan meets the Bajinn
Credit for @Energy Therapy

Bajinn and Reverie Harp (d minor)

Tune the Reverie Harp to the Meditation Tuning in D to play with the D minor Bajinn.
Credit for @musicmakers

Bajinn Unboxing!

My Bajinn finally arrived! Here's a quick unboxing and me figuring out what things are and how it works, it's super simple but I was half asleep :D
Credit for @ Nathen Quattrini

Buda Eyes - Bajinn e Taças Tibetanas

Credit for @BUDA EYES

Bajinn at Bear Creek

Credit for @Mr.Mizu

The Bajinn Testing

See and here the bajinn
@Credit for @musicmakers

Reverie Harp - Bajinn - Harmonium

A trio of simplicity. Three instruments that are incredibly easy to play and full of beautiful music.
The Reverie Harp (tuned to D Meditation Tuning) Credit for @Reverie Harp Music

When the Tribal meets the Bajinn

@Credit for Soins Holistiques Anna

Bajinn Relaxing morning Rain and Thunder sound

Relaxing Morning Rain and Thunder Sounds, Fall Asleep Faster, Sleep Sounds, Bajinn Instrument
Credit for @Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music/p>

Bajinn: Fresh Healing Sounds in Natur

Playing the Bajinn in nature has a strong effect on the player of Bajinn, as well as on the listener. The sounds blend in with nature; the green surroundings, the sound of the river etc. Highly recommended!

Guided meditation naratted by Ortal Pelleg

We wanted to give you a taste of our narrated meditations. we have a full album of 60 min of diffrent medtations to inhance your day,guided or inly instrumental. available in our store,Show me(Button)