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August 16, 2022 2 min read

Sound, Music, and meditation have been closely related since the beginning…

It seems that nature and its sounds inspired many cultures around the world to mimic sounds and create music and even language, instruments were made from animals, wood, and rocks. Drums, flutes, and string instruments even in shapes of animals like traditional Mongolian instruments 

traditional Mongolian instrument

Notice the horse head on the top of the instrument. 

This is just one example of how music was inspired by nature and even musical instruments designed in the shape of animals, the oldest strings of string instruments were made from horse tail. 


Nature has a relaxing effect on us since it is always present in the moment, it is now and it is alive and natural- Nature is Natural, and thanks to this ancient relationship we can now play music and harness it for improving and deepening our lives buy listening and playing instruments that have been in constant evolution for many many years. 

Blending the sound of a river stream/a soft breeze/birds chirping etc and a relaxing musical instrument can be a practice to enjoy the present moment, playing and than stoping and just listening, being in communication with the invormeant and mixing the sound of the instrument with the natural sounds that are present and changing, listening to the silence between this harmony and different colors and feelings can have a very profound effect and reveal the inner stillness and peace with in each and every one of us.

I’m referring to acoustic instrument and not electric powerd ones since the different in its effect on our mind and body, Natural sounds are physically vibrating and heard/felt by us, by the ears but also sensed by the liquids in our body  and a peaker powerd by electricity is sending an electric movement through a membrane that is “general” for all sounds, and is a great way to share “captured” music and sound from the past and a great tool for us, but the size shape and way it is generating the sound is not as adapted to our body like natural sounds created in the now. The feeling listening to a recording of any acoustic instrument versus the feeling of hearing this instrument playd live near our body is very different maybe just because an energy of live human is creating this sound in the now and that created a feeling of “together” a connection we all need in our lives. 

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