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August 25, 2019 2 min read

Surfing the waves of sound

Surfing a wave and producing a sound wave with Bajinn are both measured by your ability to be present in that moment. 

You need to be one with that wave in order to fully appreciate it and experience the serenity and peacefulness that it may give you.

ortal playing bajinn on the beach

Nature has been an inspiration for music and art from the beginning of times, and the ocean is the biggest piece of nature that exists on our planet (71% of earth). We know more about space than we know about the ocean. How deep is the sea, how much life and energy it contains within? Did you know that the oceans contain 99% of the living space on earth?! So powerful! Waves are on the edges of this giant liquid being.
An amazing fact is that we humans are made of around 70% water too. It changes with age and between males and females. 

warm ups befire surfing

But let's talk about music, sound, and water for a sec. Ever heard of Cymatics? In a nutshell - sound can be seen as geometrical patterns on water or other materials, which means sound can affect around 70% of our body deeply. According to science, everything is basically made of vibration.  Sound frequency is a vibration that explains our relationship with music and the effects of music on our body and soul. 

bajinn played with close up angle

Bajinn is strongly connected to the sea and surfing, because music and surfing have been there for most of my life and both are an integral part of my being. They both bring me to a very focused state of mind, a kind of active meditation.Playing Bajinn near the sea makes me feel very connected to nature, to feelings offreedom and inner peace.

This video is from a special session. The waves were mellow and clean and when I played the Bajinn on the beach, lots of butterflies flew just by me carried by this gentle calming wind. 

Enjoy the vibrations and the rest of the summer,



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