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May 22, 2022 2 min read

Sound And Meditation 

When we meditate we are relaxing the body and mind, when we listen to relaxing sounds we can accelerate the process of relaxation, if we listen to a live musical instrument we are affecting our body in a way that is different than if we use any electric audio device, natural sounds balance the liquids in our body, the field of cymatics demonstrate this in a beautiful way. 

In the pictures below you can see a specific accurate sound wave going through water and quarts powder, this creates a symmetric geometric pattern. Our body is 70/80% water which means 70/80% of our body is being affected by sound. 

cymatic water


 The way you can use this information is by choosing the sounds you listen to and trying meditating with relaxing sounds from live instruments that are designed to be harmonic and soothing. 

In our experience sound meditation does not replace the traditional way of meditation which is closing your eyes, focusing on your breath and observing the mind, but because for so many of us the transition from the mental chatter we experience to inner peace can be a bit challenging and  time consuming and can lead to frustration.  Using a musical meditative instrument can bridge a gap and allow rapid relaxation and a way to feel a meditative state with the sound's benefits. 

cymatic  multiple examples

Meditation can really change one’s life.I practice and recommend daily meditation in the morning and if possible another one before going to sleep. In times of need during the day or if some mental challenges come up, playing or listening to relaxing sounds of a live musical instrument can be highly beneficial. 

SO ! I hope this information was helpful and you will have fun experimenting with it :)

Peace and sound 


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